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Ch. 9-Greece

Ch. 9-Greece

___________, 2500 B.C., Greeks’ earliest culture developed in this area. On the Island of Crete
______________, the Mediterranean Sea links Greece with Asia, North Africa, and the western part of Europe. To the South
Greek philosophers, such as ___, extended human knowledge. Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle
____ spread all over Greece killing many people and soldiers. Plague
_______ has mountainous land with deep valleys and rugged highlands. Greece
Because Greece has too many mountains, much of the land could not be used for_____. farming
In Greece, ___________extends outward into the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. The Balkan Peninsula
The leaders of Athens began an alliance called ___________. The Delian League
What was the problems the mountains in Greece did to the people? making accent to other towns difficult
Athens from the Delian Alliance forced other city-states to ___. join their alliance
The people in Crete were known as the Minoans, named after which the legendary king? King Minos
Who was an important mathematician who discovered the use of pulleys and levers? Archimedes
The blind poet named Homer composed two poems about the Trojan War called: The lIiad and the Odyssey
Greek legends were told how by the people? oral tradition
__________worked out a system of plane geometry that students still use today. Euclid
The last battle with Persia, was the battle at _____________. Salamis
The conflict between Athens and Sparta broke out in war is called _________. the Peloponnesian War
_______ created math theories on numbers and music. Pythagoras
_________ became king of Macedonia after his father’s death. Alexander the Great
The_______is on the west and separates Greece from Italy. Ionian Sea
_____________ is electing your own leaders. Democracy
_____ were established for the general public outdoor markets. Agoras
Only Greek ___ with property and born in the same city-state were allowed to vote for their representatives. men
Who were not allowed to vote in Greek government? women, children, non-property owners, & slaves
Only ____ at 7 years old started military camp for the army. Sparta boys
Who had more individual rights Athenian women or Spartan women? Spartan Women
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