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LD AP World II Ch 20

LD AP World II Chapter 20 - Questions/Answers

This person was a rebel leader and iron worker in China? Li Zicheng
During the period of 1500-1800, who were the Chinese defending against? Manchu Armies
Where were the Manchu from?  Manchuria
Which empire did the Manchu overthrow?  The Ming
What Dynasty did the Manchu found in China? The Qing
What had the political structure of japan been like since the 12th century?  Feudal
Which Daimyo rose to power and set sights of invading Korea?  Hideyoshi 
What was Korea's relationship with China?  They Paid Tribute to China 
After the death of Hideyoshi, the administrative capital was moved to? (Currently Tokyo)  Edo
What is a warrior in Japan referred to as? A Samurai
What was the name of a foreign trading port city (the only one) in Japan?  Nagasaki
This was an agreement between Russia and China.  Treaty of Nerchinsk 
What was the name of a powerful family in Russia?  The Stroganovs
These mercenaries were hired by a powerful family in Russia. The Cossack 
What was Russia's biggest foe in the South?  The Ottomans
What was Russia's biggest foe in the North?  The Swedish
What is the name of what is called "The Window to the West" in Russia?  St. Petersburg 
What families played a key role in Japan's future?  The Tokugawa 
What is the name for the great changes in East Asia in the late 16th century? The Gunpowder Revolution
What caused instability for the Tokugawa Shogunate?  The inability to stabilize rice prices.
Where did the Qing originate from?  Manchuria
What island is incorporated into imperial China for the first time under the Manchu?  Taiwan
What were the two most important areas of trade for Europeans?  South Asia/China and India
What is the VOC? The Dutch East India Company
Who overtook the Portuguese in importance in Indian Ocean trade? The Dutch
Which European became a scholar in Confucian classics? Matteo Ricci
What medical progress did the Chinese share with Europeans?  Vaccines
China's population had done what since 1500? Grown 3x its size
How much bigger was the Qing than the Ming? Twice its size
What made Russia a major European power capable of challenging its Asian and European neighbors?  The Industrial Revolution
Which Russian city rose to prominence under the Mongols?  Moscow
Who led the push to get rid of the Mongols in Russia? The Princes of Muscovy
Which Russian leader pushed South and East? Prince Ivan IV
What common enemy did Russia and China have that may have brought them to a treaty?  The Mongols
What religion replaced Christianity among Steppe people in Russia?  Islam
Who did the political power change from and to in Russia? Muscovite rulers to the Boyars
Who did the Boyars in Russia pick to rule?  The Romanovs
How was Russia more flexible when it came to peasants and who they worked for? There was a 2 week period where peasants could change nobles each year.
Eventually the rights of peasants changed, resulting in them becoming ________. Serfs
What ruling family was Peter the Great a part of? The Romanovs
Of Russia, China, and Japan, which one had Naval power? Russia
Of Russia, China, and Japan, which one was not open to new people? Japan
Of Russia, China, and Japan, which reacted the best to Christianity? China
Which Russian leader pushed the most for westernization in Russia? Peter the Great
Merchants from which country were the first to arrive in East Asia? Portugal
In China, Europeans were permitted to trade only at Canton
The motivation for Russian expansion into the east was The availability of fur pelts
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