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us becoming a world

and world war one

isthums small part of land that connects two big parts of land
yellow jurnalist a reporter says something that might be true but many not
prohibited the sail of acahall is illigal
muskracers righters that got bad info about factory to share
isolationism a beleaf that the country should stay out of a war they are not part of
19 admend ment womans rights
alaska we bought Alaska for the gold
hawii we won because we over ruled there goverment
cuba controlled by spain after spanish amirican war
Porto Rico,Guam,phillipes we controlled all
panama canal a canal that went tough the Americas to make a short cut.
Theodora rosevelt was named after the teddy bear was one of the best president helped make the canal
Woodrow willson was presentment during the war and had a stork for 2 mounths and was president durring world war 1
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