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chapter 14

Which pope attempted to enforce papal authority Pope Boniface VIII
What happened to the pope before a trial He was rescued
Who was the newly selected pope in 1305 Clement V
How long would the pope live in the City of Avignon 69 years
What happened to the church because of the move to Avignon The Church was weakened
What year did Pope Gregory XI die 1378
What happened because of Pope Gregory's death It led to the College of Cardinals to meet in Rome to choose a new successor
How did the College of Cardinals feel Pressured
Who were the College of Cardinals Pope Urban VI
Who did the Cardinals feel about their decision, and why They regretted it because of Urban passion for reform and arrogance
Who was the second pope appointed Pope Clement V
What was the goal of the church to reach heaven
What were the problems in the church priests got married, simony, and lay investiture
What were the reform and Church organizations they resembled a kingdom, the papal curia, and the cannon law
What were the new religious orders the Dominicans, the Franciscans, and the benedictines
What were the Romanesque kingdoms they had round arches, heavy roofs, little light, small windows, and heavy walls
What were the Gothic kingdoms like huge stained glass windows, pointed arches, ribbed vaults, flying buttresses, tall spires, and is usually 50-100 feet tall
What was improved from oxen to horse power the harness allowed horses to pull plows and wagons
what was the development of the iron plow it made it easier to plant crops
What was the change from two to a new three field system it allowed farmers to grow crops
What was teh legislative body of Medieval England Parliament
Who created the royal court of justice and jury system in England Henry II
What killed the majority of England The Bubonic Plague
What was one negative effect of the Crusades that has continued to the present day Hostility between Muslims and Christians
What were the two main results of the 100 year war Power shifted from lords to the king and it cause the development of nationalism in England and France
Created by: Jen Kristofick