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Chapter 14 Test

What was the practice called where bishops sold positions in the church? Simony
What were the types of architecture? Gothic and Romanesque
What is a crusade? A "holy war"
What was the long effort by the Spanish to drive the Muslims out of Spain? The Reconquista
What it is called when a court is held by the church to suppress heresy? The Inquisition
What is it called when farmers grew crops on two-thirds of their land each year? The three-field system
An organization of individuals in the same business or occupation working to improve the economic and social conditions of it's members A guild
An expression of trade and business Commercial revolution
What were merchant-class town dwellers? Burghers
The everyday language of the homeland Vernacular
Scholastics Schoolmen
Who was the duke of Normandy? William the Conqueror
Who was Henry II? an English king
What was an unified body of law? Common law
What was the document called that was drawn up by English nobles that guaranteed basic political rights? Magna Carta
What is a parliament? a legislative group
Who was an undistinguished duke from the middle of France? Hugh Capet
Who was one of the most powerful Capetian who ruled from 1180 to 1223? Philip II
What was the meeting called that made up Three Estates? Estates-General
Who was the Monk that was considered the greatest medieval philosopher? Thomas Aquinas
A church with round arched, a heavy roof held up by thick walls/pillars and is very dark is what kind of architecture? Romanesque
A new form of architecture with stained glass windows and is very tall is which kind of architecture? Gothic
What was the Holy Land? Jerusalem and parts of the surrounding area where Jesus lived and taught
What is a traveling poet and musician of the Middle Ages called? Troubadour
What is a formal exclusion from membership in the church? Excommunication
Created by: devinbialick