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Chapter 7


Persians: They lived in.... Present day Iran
Persians: King _____added many new territories to the empire Cyrus
Persians: They ruled over... 35 million people.
Persians: Empire stretched more than 3000 miles which is from The Nile to the Indus river.
Persians: Best organizer among Persian Kings. Darius
Persians: Saptrap = governor
The Persians were very ______ rulers tolerant
Did not change languages, laws, or religions. This shows how tolerant they were
Persepolis most magnificent city in the empire
Big Network of roads... Allowed easy movement of soldiers and trade between different peoples
Royal Road.. = longest road in the empire - had stations along it so travelers could get food, water, and fresh horses
480 BCE = Darius’s son Xerxes tried to conquer Greece to expand the empire Failed to defeat the Greeks
7th–6th centuries B.C.E.(?) Life of Zarathustra
558–330 B.C.E. Achaemenid dynasty
558–530 B.C.E. Reign of Cyrus the Achaemenid
521–486 B.C.E. Reign of Darius
334–330 B.C.E. Invasion and conquest of the Achaemenid empire by Alexander of Macedon
323–83 B.C.E. Seleucid dynasty
247 B.C.E.–224 C.E. Parthian dynasty
224–651 C.E. Sasanid dynasty
The Minoans BOTH men & women Curled their hair Wore gold jewelry Wore wide metal belts Liked dancing, sporting events, and boxing
Empires of the Classical Era Persia, Greece (under Alexander the Great), Rome, China (Qin and Han dynasties), India (Mauryan and Gupta dynasties)
Who treated people very cruelly when they conquered? Assyrians
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