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Eastern World Herita


Nomadic moves from place to place
Steppe flat grassland
Confucianism religion including love and kindness to all
5 Relationships 1.Father to Son 2.Ruler to Ruled 3.Husband to Wife 4.Older Brother to Younger Brother 5.Friend to Friend
Dynastic Cycle(1-7) 1.A new Dynasty comes to power 2. New emperor reforms government 3.Lives of commoners improved 4.Problems begin (war and invasions) 5.Taxes increase, men conscripted to army 6.Gov't increases spending; corruption 7.Droughts.floods,famines
Dynastic Cycle(8-10) 8.Poor lose respect for gov't;attack landlords 9.Rebels find strong leader and attack emperor 10.Emperor is defeated!
Mandate from Heaven A divine right to rule from the gods
Golden Age A period when great tasks were accomplished
Land Reform Redistributing land to peasants
Silk Road A series of trade routes from China to Europe+India
Bazaar large and bustling trade centers
Khan Leader
Assimilate Understand fully
Psychological Warfare Using fear tactics during war
Siege Warfare Waiting outside until the city starves
Meritocracy Leaders determined by ability rather than heredity
Junk A Ship
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