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Chapter 7 Eurasia

Required for HW

What time was considered the life of Zarathustra? Circa 7th-6th century B.C.E
When did the Achaemenid dynasty rule? Circa 558-330 B.C.E
When was the reign of Cyrus the Achaemenid? Circa 558-530 B.C.E
When was the reign of Darius? Circa 521-486 B.C.E
When did the conquest of the Achaemenid Empire by Alexander of Macedon occur? Circa 334-330 B.C.E
When was the Seleucid dynasty around? Circa 323-83 B.C.E
When was the Parthian dynasty around? Circa 247 B.C.E- 224 C.E
When was the Sasanid dynasty around? Circa 224-651 C.E
When did Persians start migrating to their native lands? Circa 1000+ B.C.E
What people are the Persians? Indo-European
What economy did they have? Mostly pastoral, limited agriculture
What advantage did these people have? Military experience, equestrian and archery experience
Who had power over them? Babylonian and Assyrian empire
When did they start to venture for power? End of Sixth century, when Babylon and Assyrian empires started to fall
Who was the founder of the first Persian empire? Cyrus the Achaemenid
How far did his empire stretch out? From India to the border of Egypt
Who was the most important successor to Cyrus? Darius
How was he an important ruler? Centralized rule over a empire that stretched out over 300 kilometers, over several ethnical groups
How did the government work for this empire? The king of Persia would overlook several governmental officials that overlook the taxation of a region.
How many regions was his rule divided into? 23 regions
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