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Chapter 7

The Empires of Persia

What occured in 7th–6th centuries B.C.E. Life of Zarathustra
The Achaemenid dynasty took place in... 558–330 B.C.E.
What occured in 558–530 B.C.E. Reign of Cyrus the Achaemenid
The Reign of Darius took place in... 521–486 B.C.E.
What occured in 334–330 B.C.E. The Invasion and conquest of the Achaemenid empire by Alexander of Macedon
The Seleucid dynasty was around in... 323–83 B.C.E.
What happened in 247 B.C.E.–224 C.E. Parthian dynasty
The Sasanid dynasty was around in... 224–651 C.E.
Achaemenid's politics Cyrus became king of the Persian tribes and ruled from his mountain fortress at Pasargadae
Achaemenid's geography They had migrated from central Asia to Persia
Achaemenid's religion Cyrus had supported the religious tolerence during the expandsion of the empire
Achaemenid's arts The built tombs for their rulers when they died, for example Cyrus' tomb
Achaemenid 's technology They formed a type of bow and arrow that they made
Achaemenid's economy People had to pay taxes
Achaemenid's society They organized themselves by clans rather than by states
Persia's politics Had centralized imperial governments
Persia's geography Central Asia
Persia's religion Zoroastrianism
Persia's arts Slaves had built temples
Persia's technology They had built tools for war
Persia's economy Agriculture was based on their economic foundation and on trade
Persia's society Built on social class
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