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Chapter 7


Achaemenids Dynasty rulling in Persia, from Cyrus I to Darius III (558-330 BC
Cyrus (Achaemenid) Ruled Persia from 558 to 530 BCE, and conquered most of the Achaemenid empire.
Darius Expanded Cyrus' empire East and West to Macedonia to the Indus River.
Parthians Rulling empire in Iran (250 BCE- 226 CE) that extended to Mesopotamia.
Persepolis The capital of the Persian empire(built by Darius).
Persia Modern day Iran.
Qanat Underground canals
Royal Road Longest road in the Persian Empire that let travelers stop to get; food, water, and new horses.
Sasinids Empire that took over the Parthians and ruled from 224-651 CE, and recreated the Achaemind empire.
Shapur I expanded the Sasinid empire militarily (239-272 CE)
Seleucids Controlled Persia, after Alexander the Great's death.
Seleucus Ruled Seleucids form 305-281 BCE
Xerxes Ruled Persia from 486-465 BCE but couldn't follow the policy of toleration, which caused chaos.
Political: Achaemenids hereditary, ethnic groups, satraps governed, military officers and tax collectors, imperial spies that reported back to the king
Interactions with Environment; Achaemenids Indus River ,Arabian Sea, Aral Sea, Persian Gulf, Caspian Sea, Black Sea, Red Sea, and Mediterranean Sea
Religion: Achaemenids supported the different religions( Jews
Art&Architecture: Achaemenids paved roads, Royal Road
Technology: Achaemenids indo-european language, stations at Royal Road,postal system, Iron metallurgy
Economy: Achaemenids tax collections
Social: Achaemenids multicultural,
Political: Seleucids followed the Achaemind political system
Interactions with Environment; Seleucids
Relgion: Seleucids
Art&Architecture: Seleucids paved roads,
Technology: Seleucids postal system,
Economy: Seleucids taxes
Social: Seleucids migrants where accepted
Political: Parthians federation of leaders who met in councils
Interactions with Environment:Parthians Euphrates river
Religion: Parthians
Art&Architecture: Parthians gold sculptures,
Technology: Parthians cavalry,
Economy: Parthians agricultural, taxes
Social: Parthians
Political: Sasanids
Interactions with Environment: Sasanids
Religion: Sasanids
Art&Architecture: Sasanids
Technology: Sasanids
Economy: Sasanids
Social: Sasanids
Created by: fernanda2019