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Theology CH.4

Vocabulary and Terms

Council of Ephesus Condemned Nestorianism as heretical / declared Mary as Theotokos
hypostatic union the union of Jesus' human and divine natures in one Divine Person
Pope Leo I Doctor of the Church/ developed the ideology of hypostatic union / saved Rome from the Huns
LOGOS Greek for "Word" / title of Jesus Christ that illuminates the relationship of the Trinity
Theotokos Greek title for Mary meaning "God bearer" / "Mother of God"
Consubstantial having the same essence or nature (within the Nicene Creed)
Patriarch father of a group of tribe / spiritual leader of the church (bishops)
Reasons for the Collapse of Rome 1)Social and Moral decay 2)weakened military 3)economic hardship 4)sacked by visigoths
Hagia Sophia (holy Wisdom) Byzantine Cultured Church / Originally a christian church turned into a mosque after the muslim invasions and later refounded as a museum
abbott / abbess the superior and spiritual leader of a monastery
Divine Office / Liturgy of Hours official public daily prayer of the church
illuminated manuscript original manuscript made by early benedictine monks containing works of art and ltierature later to be preserved for learning
Book Of Kells illuminated manuscript of the Gospel books all in Latin
IONA Scottish island whee St. Patrick established his first monastery in 563
Monte Cassino St. Benedictine's famous monastery / where the Rule of Benedict was founded
The Rule of St. Benedict creed for monks on moderation taken once one has decided to become Muslim
Contemplative person who's live is fully devoted to prayer
visigoths tribe of Germanic peoples who had lived north for centuries / sacked Rome which ultimately led to its fall
iconoclasm the deliberate destruction of religious icons and symbols (used mostly by Muslims)
Muhammed the founder of Islam / creator of the prophetic call
5 Pillars of Islam Creed (Shahada) / Prayers (Salat) / fasting (sawm) / Pilgrimage (hajj) / Thanksgiving (Zakat)
feudalism society ordered around relationships derived from land holdings
Koran (Quran) the recorded teachings of Muhammed
druid a priest or a magician /
Clovis / Clotilde first King of Merovingian dynasty to convert to catholicism
Gregorian Chant monophonic style of liturgical songs / named after Pope Gregory the Great
ORa et labora latin terms for the balance the monks had between prayer and work
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