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Radiology Terms

Medical Terminology 1- Radiology Terms/Tests

What is the radiological branch of medicine used to treat cancer? Radiation Oncology
What is used to highlight organs and tissues for diagnostic purposes? Contrast Medium
What procedure uses a moving scanner for cross-sectional X-Ray images? Computed Tomography (CT Scan)
What type of biopsy is performed with a needle through a skin incision? Percutaneous needle biopsy
Means motion picture cine-
Means within endo-
Means sound phono-
Means artery arterio-
Means vessel angio-
Means vein veno-
Means joint arthro-
Means cartilage chondro-
Prefix for tumor onco-
Suffix for tumor -oma
Excessive body temperature; fever hyperpyrexia
Determines the nature of a patient's disease through X-rays, US, radiation, nuclear medicine Diagnostic radiology
Branch of radiology used for biopsies, draining fluids, inserting catheters, and dialation or stenting of vessels Interventional
Used to diagnose heart disorders, anomalies, and stenosed (narrowed, occluded) vessels Cardiac catherization
Abbreviation for percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography PTC
Tissue sample taken via a catheter transcatheter biopsy
Gastrointestinal contrast Barium Sulfate
Abbreviate: magnetic resonance imaging MRI
Image of blood vessel using MRI; MRA magnetic resonance angiography
Barium swallow is used to see this upper GI tract
Barium enema is used to see this Lower GI tract
Radiograph of the duodenom duodenography
Another term for ptyalography sialography
means gallbladder cholecyst
Examination of bile ducts using contrast medium cholangiography
Examination of gallbladder using contrast medium cholecystography
Visualize of blood or lymph vessels after injection of radiopaque dye angiography
Radiograph of veins venography
Radiograph of arteries arteriography
X-ray of breasts mammography
Another term for mammary galactogram mammary ductogram
Means ovaries salpingo-
IVP intravenous pyelography
Backward fluid movement retrograde
Forward fluid movement antegrade
radiography of urinary tract urography
Another term for urethrocystography cystourethrography
Reflection of high frequency sound waves used to locate, measure, and outline deep structures ultrasonography
study of intracranial structures using ultrasound echoencephalography
how is prostate cancer treated radionuclide seeds
Treatment of disease by inducing fever hyperthermia
Assess metabolic and physiologic function PET scan
Nuclear medicine scan of heart function MUGA scan
diagnosis related group DRG
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