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LGL Vocab

Legal implications vocabulary

Tort is defined as any number of actions done by one person or group of persons that caure injury to another. May be intentional or negligent
Negligence is the failure to exercise the degree of care considered reasonable under the circumstances, when that failure results in an unintended injury to a patient. Simply put, negligence is carlessness, which is often caused by hurrying or not facusing on task
Assualt means intentionally attempting to touch the body of a person or even threatening to do so
Battery means actually touching a person without that person's permission
Informed Consent means the patient must know and agree to what is going to be done prior to performing any proceudure
Abuse is any act or failure to act that is non-accidental and causes or could cause harm or death to the patient Some forms of abuse are subtle but nevertheless cause the patient physical harm or mental anquish
Coercion means forcing the patient to do something against his or her wishes
Created by: mjargrandma