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Foy WH Ch. 6 Test

You are a Chinese merchant who would like to trade your silk for Greek glassware. What is the best trade route to take? Silk Road
What are some cultural advance made in the Shang dynasty? China’s first writing system complex tools metal pots
How were women treated in the Han dynasty? They were not valued as highly as men.
Why did the Zhou dynasty believe they were the rightful rulers of China? They believed in the mandate of Heaven.
Which dynasty made the technological advances of the iron plow, wheel barrow, iron swords, iron armor, and silk? Han
What river is also called the Yellow River, is nearly 3,000 miles long, and is referred to as “China’s Sorrow?” Huang He
How did scholars, peasants, and nobles feel about Shi Huangdi’s policies and complete control of the country? They were resentful and thought he was too harsh.
Under the Zhou dynasty political order, who worked the land for the lords? poor farmers
Why was the Great Wall built? to protect the country from invasion
What dynasty overthrew the Shang dynasty in the 1100’s BC? Zhou
What are some examples of diffusion? Trading Chinese silk for Central Asian horses. A merchant from India learns about paper making from a Chinese merchant. Buddhism spreads from India to China.
Under the Zhou dynasty political order, who did the king give plots of land to? lords
What dynasty is responsible for achieving massive government building projects, new roads, canals, and irrigation systems? Qin
What event in 771 BC weakened the Zhou dynasty? a loss to invaders
What philosophy did Shi Huangdi believe in, and rule his country with? Legalism
What did Qin king Yin Zheng change his name to, which meant “first emperor?” Shi Huangdi
Why did Confucius push for a return to ethics and moral values? He was disgusted with the rude and insensitive nature of people.
What is the purpose of the seismograph? to measure the strength of an earthquake
What river is the longest river in Asia, is also called the Yangzi River, and flows from Tibet to the Pacific Ocean? Chang Jiang
If you were an ancient Chinese and wanted to cure disease and relieve pain, what treatment would you most likely use? acupuncture
When the Han dynasty began to fail, what religion became popular in China? Buddhism
What became the official government philosophy under Emperor Wudi? Confucianism
What do findings at burial sites suggest about the ancient Chinese? They believed in the afterlife and had a complex social order.
Why did separate cultures develop in the north and south of China? They were isolated from each other by the Qinling Shandi mountains
What emperor lowered taxes, gave large plots of land to supporters, and set up a government that expanded on the ideas of the Qin dynasty? Liu Bang
What emperor made harsh rules and punishment, writing styles, and money consistent across China? Shi Huangdi
What was the purpose for the fighting during the Warring States Period? struggles between the ruling-class families
Who became the first emperor of the Han dynasty due to the belief in the mandate of Heaven? Liu Bang
What is the purpose of a sundial? to use the position of shadows cast by the sun to tell the time of day
What is the first dynasty that there is clear evidence to support its existence? Shang
Under the Zhou dynasty political order, what did the lords owe the king in return for his land? warriors and taxes
What philosophy says that people need to be controlled? Legalism
What philosophy says that people need to have no concern for religion or individual thought, and should always prepare for war? Legalism
What philosophy says that people should avoid interfering with nature or each other? Daoism
What philosophy says that when people behave well and act morally, they are carrying out what heaven expects of them? Confucianism
What philosophy says the success of both family and government is leading by example? Confucianism
What philosophy says that power and wealth are unnecessary? Daoism
What are the social levels under the Confucian system? Upper Class: emperor Second Class: peasants Third Class: artisans Fourth Class: merchants
What are the social levels under the Shang Dynasty? 1: royals 2. nobles 3. warriors 4. artisans 5. farmers 6. slaves
Be able to locate the following on a map: Gobi Desert Huang He River Plateau of Tibet Chang Jiang River
Created by: lfoy8290