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Temperature The balance between heat loss and heat produced by the body.
What can affect the body's fluid balance? If the body temperature is too high or too low.
What is the normal range for body temperature? 97-100 degress Fahrenheit
What is individual differences? People's body temps vairy due to accelerated/slower bodies.
What is the average temperature for oral? 98.6
What is the average temperature for rectal? 99.6
What is homeostasis A constant state of fluid balance
What is the average temperature for axillary/groin? 97.6
What is the normal range for oral? 97.6-99.6
What is the normal range for rectal? 98.6-100.6
What is the normal range for axillary/groin? 96.6-98.6
What is body temperature usually lower? In the morning.
When is body temoerature usually higher? In the afternoon.
Where are oral temperatures taken? By mouth.
On an oral thermometer, where should the bulb be placed? Under the tongue toward the side of the mouth.
How long is an oral thermometer left in your mouth? usually 3-5 minutes
True/False Eating, drinking, or even smoking cannot affect your body's temperature False. This can affect your temperature
How many minutes should you wait to take an oral temperature when a patient has just ate or even drank something? minimum of 15 minutes.
Where are rectal temperatures taken? In the rectum.
Which thermometer is the most accurate? Rectal thermometer
Who more than likely receives a rectal temperature from a nurse? Mostly infants.
Where are axillary temoeratures taken? in the armpit, under the upper arm.
What thermometer is less accurate? Axillary/groin
How long does it take for an axillary to be read? Usually 10 minutes.
Where are aural temperatures taken? In the ear.
What us another thermometer name for 'aural'? tympanic thermometer
True/False There is a normal range for an aural/tympanic thermometer. False. There is not a normal range.
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