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Ancient India

Ancient India 7th grade

This geographic region became ideal for farming after flooding left the soil fertile from silt deposits. Indus River Valley
This crazy climate pattern featured seasonal winds that caused flooding and drought. Monsoons
The Caste System of Ancient India feature four castes, what was their order of importance? Priests, rulers and warriors, farmers and traders, servants
This system was dependent on a person's birth, wealth or occupation. The Caste System
This religion believed that everyone had a soul or atman. Hinduism
This "rebirth" was affected by the person's karma Reincarnation
This religion practiced nonviolence Jainism
What are the four principles of Jainism? Injure no life, Tell the truth, Do not steal, Own no property
This religion opposed the caste system and believed all people could reach Nirvana. Buddhism
Why did people from lower social classes (castes) support Buddha's teachings? Buddha opposed the Caste System
Wanting to keep what we have and wanting what we don't have are two examples of what? Buddha's reasons for suffering
These people spread Buddhism after Buddha died by spreading his teachings and ideas Buddha's followers
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