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nutrition review

Cardiac admitted with or have pre-exiting heart disease low fat/cholesterol diet
Diabetic prescibed number of calories, proportions fat, carbs and protein metabolic disorder
Guten-free for people with celiac disorder, atrophy of the mucosa complete elimination of gluten
High calorie excessive weight loss, can not reach or maintain healthy weight
High protein need to gain weight or for tissue repair
no added salt/restricted problems with fluid retention or congestive heart failure
Progressive introduces food in stages major surgery or gastrointestinal illness
pureed can not chew or who have dysphagia
Activity Individuals in hopital and typically inactive and therefore need fewer calories
Age older people need less calories children need more especially during growth periods
Gender men need more hormones also play a role in metabolic rate
Genetics body structure
Illness fever, trauma, and surgery raise a person's metabolic rate
Pregnancy metabolism increases to meet energy demands
How many grain products should an adult eat in a day? 6-8
How many food groups are there? 4
What is the "other' food group? oil/fats
What does NPO mean? nothing by mouth for 8-12 hrs
When would you post an NPO sign? fasting blood sugar or a blood test for cholestrol and trig
What would a TPN feed or ordered? severly malnourished and preparing for surgery recieving radiation/chemo and malnourished major surgery severe burns, multiple fractures porolonged coma, severe anorexia, severe inflamed bowel, terminally ill
Created by: pwhitee
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