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Chapter 12

In the Hellenistic era rulers invested in? Roads ans bridges.
Maritime trade included? East Africa and Rhapta.
Ptolemies learned about what in Indian Ocean? The monsoon system.
Central Asia produced? Large horses and jade, sold in China.
Roman empire provided? Glassware, jewelry, artworks, perfumes, textiles.
Merchants of different regions handled long-distance trade in stages, On the seas, long-distance trade was dominated by. Different empires.
Christian communities flourished in Mediterranean basin by? Late third century C.E.
Nestorian communities were in what countries by the seventh century C.E.? Central Asia, India, and China.
Dualism, perceived a cosmic struggle between? Light and darkness, good and evil.
The first converters of Manichaeism were in? Mesopotamia and in the east Mediterranean region.
Common epidemics in Rome and China were? Smallpox, measles, bubonic plague.
Roman Empire: population dropped by a quarter from the first to what century? To tenth century C.E.
China's population dropped by a quarter from the first to what century? To seventh century C.E
By 220 C.E., generals abolished the Han and divided the empire into how many kingdoms? Three kingdoms.
The emperor Diocletian divided the empire into how many districts? Into two administrative districts.
A co-emperor ruled each district with the aid of a? A powerful lieutenant?
Germanic general Odovacer deposed which emperor? Roman emperor.
Emperor Theodosius proclaimed what religion the official one? Christianity the official religion in 380 C.E.
As Roman empire collapsed, Christianity served as a cultural foundation? Cultural foundation.
The bishop of Rome, known as the what became spiritual leader? known as the pope.
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