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Chapter 7


a government in which three people have equal power triumvirate
an absolute ruler dictator
a commander in chief, from which the word "emperor" is derived imperator
the dominant male head of the household in Roman society paterfamilias
Roman apartment blocks made of concrete with wooden-beam floors insulae
a form of government in which the leader is not a king and certain citizens have the right to vote republic
the social class of ancient Rome that was made up of the wealthy, landowning nobles patricians
the social class of ancient Rome that was made up of minor landholders, farmers, merchants, and craftspeople plebeians
a main leader of the Roman republic, two were elected each year, one to run the military and the other the government consul
an official of the Roman republic who was responsible for enforcing civil law praetor
the Punic Wars were fought between Rome and this group Carthagians
Crassus, Pompey, and Julius Caesar made up this First Triumvirate
Rome had the most of these people, compared to other empires at the time slaves
after the last Etruscan king was kicked out of power, Rome established this type of government republic
Hadrian, Trajan, Nerva, Antoninus Pius, and Marcus Aurelius are considered to be this and ruled during the Pax Romana "good emperors"
these brought fresh water to Rome and allowed Romans to have running water aquaducts
this was built as a temple for all Roman gods pantheon
this was a period of peace and prosperity for Rome that lasted for about 200 years Pax Romana
the Roman system of law was called this Twelve Tables
at first, the only people allowed to serve in the Roman Senate were from this class patricians
government, courts of law, libraries, and marketplaces all were based here the forum
socialization, exercise, bathing, haircuts, and weightlifting all would have taken place here public baths
this was unique because it was waterproof and made with volcanic stones Roman concrete
Rome's location on these bodies of water was beneficial for its rising to power Mediterranean and Tiber Rivers
Roman religion was this up to the 3rd century A.D. polytheistic
He fiddled while Rome burnt and is remembered as one of the worst emperors for his ruthlessness and lavish lifestyle Nero
He was originally named Octavian and became the first emperor of Rome, ruling for 45 years Augustus
most conflicts within Rome were because of this a large gap between the wealthy and the poor
he ruled as a dictator but then returned to his family farm after leading Rome to military victories, setting the precedent for other leaders Cincinnatus
he was made dictator for life in 44 B.C., ending the Roman Republic Julius Caesar
a result of these is that Rome defeated Carthage and took over Carthaginian territory Punic Wars
this is an example of something that was part of Roman law a person is innocent until proven guilty
he was a famous Carthaginian general who used war elephants in his attacks on Rome Hannibal
gladiator games and naval battles occurred here colosseum
these two legendary brothers are said to be the founders of Rome Romulus and Remus
the head of Roman families was this person eldest male
Hadrian's wall was constructed here to keep invaders out Britain
Roman architecture and art was heavily influenced by this group Greeks
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