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Ch.10 The Crusades

Who was born around A.D. 570 Mohammed
One of the three main cities in Northern Arabia Mecca
A.D. 732 ended the Muslim march in Europe Battle of Tours
Europe's version of the "holy wars" that occurred during the Middle Ages Crusades
The main point of the crusades were to capture the city of Jerusalem
Before the first official crusade was the Peasant Crusade
The Peasant Crusade was made up of mostly farmers
The Peasant Crusaders were badly defeated by the Turks
Lasted from 1096 to 1099 and included European nobles The First Official Crusade
Jerusalem was taken back by the crusaders on July 15,1099
In 1187 what fell to Muslim rule Jerusalem
French and German armies were defeated before they could reach the Holy Land The Second Crusade
Between 1189-1192 and accomplished very little The Third Crusade
The English King who joined the French and German armies King Richard the Lion-Hearted
The Third Crusade is also known as The Crusade of Kings
This would be around the time of what famous story Robin Hood
In this crusade the armies never reached the Holy Land. The Fourth Crusade
In the Fourth Crusade the armies attacked and robbed what city Constantinople
In 1212 French and German children tried to reach the Holy Land, but either died in route or were sold as slaves The Children's Crusade
The crusades lasted about 200 or more years
By 1291 who controlled the Holy Land Muslims
Became the most powerful force in the Muslim world Ottoman Turks
The capture of Constantinople marked the end of what The Eastern Roman Empire
For two centuries the Ottoman Turks kept pushing into Southeast Europe
Created by: Emily Mayfield