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-graph an instrument for recording
-graphy is the process of recording
pathologist studies diseases & how it effects body
Histologist studies tissues
RUQ LiverRight KidneyGallbladder
LUQ SpleenLeft KidneyStomach
RLQ colonsmall intestinesappendixR OvaryR Fallopian Tube
LLQ colonsmall intestinesleft ureterLeft OvaryLeft Fallopian Tube
Superficial means toward the surface of the body
Deep means farther away from the surface of the body
-a- without
suffix indicates a condition, disease or procedure
Types of Connective Tissue Adipose-fat-bonecartilagetendons
adipose provides protective padding around body structures
Bone provides structure support for the whole body
Cartilage is the shock absorber in joints
Tendons tightly connects skeletal muscles to bones
Main Contents Dorsal Cavity BrainSpinal Cord
Main Contents Thoracic cavity Pleural cavity:lungspericarddial Cavity:heartMediastinum Cavity: heart, esophagus,trachea,thymus,gland,arota
Main Contents Abdominopelvic Cavity stomach,spleen,liver,gallbladder,pancreas,and portions of the small intestines and colon
Parts of Integumentary System skinhairnailssweat glandssebaceous glands
What is the Endocrine System composed of? Pituitary glandpinealthyroidporathyroidthymusadrenal glandspancreas ovariestestes
aden/o gland
adipose provides protective padding around body
-algia is a suffix means pain
anti- is a prefix means AGAINST
Anterior near or on the front or bellyside
Brady- is a prefix means SLOW
cell basic unit of all living things. perform survival functions reproduction,repiration,metabolism,excretion
chondr/o word element
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