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Judaism - Unit 4

What are three important things about Abraham? 1. He is the father of Judaism. 2. He founded the first monotheistic religion. 3. He was the first to make a covenant with God.
Who was the "unfavored" son of Abraham? Ishmael
What was important about Isaac? He was the favored son of Abraham and continued the Hebrew line.
What religion would Ishmael be connected to? Islam
What Hebrew would later be renamed Israel? Jacob
What did Jacob's sons make up? The twelve tribes of Israel
Jacob favored his youngest son Joseph. How did this affect his brothers? They were jealous and sold him into slavery.
What special gift saved Joseph when he was a slave in Egypt? He could interpret dreams.
What advice did Joseph give Pharaoh that got Pharaoh's favor? You'll have 7 years of plenty and 7 years of drought so save food for the drought.
The drought caused who to come to Egypt? Joseph's brothers.
How did Hebrews end up in Egypt? Joseph invited all the Hebrews to live in Egypt during the drought.
About how many generations were between Joseph and Moses? About 5
The Hebrew population grew very large in Egypt - what is the first thing Ramses I did to deal with them? He enslaved them.
When Ramses I still felt threatened by the enslaved Hebrews, what did he do? He ordered the murder of every Hebrew baby.
What Hebrew baby escaped the murder of Ramses I? Moses
How was Moses raised? He was raised as the son of Pharaoh?
When Moses killed an Egyptian guard and Pharaoh found he was a Hebrew, what did Pharaoh do? Banished him or kicked him out of Egypt.
What did Moses see in the desert that changed his life? (It's also a symbol of wisdom) A burning bush where God spoke to him.
Why did Moses return to Egypt? To free the Hebrews like God asked.
When Pharaoh refused to release the Hebrews what happened? Moses unleashed the 10 plagues on Egypt.
What was the worst of the 10 plagues? The Passover - God sent an evil spirit to kill the firstborn of every Egyptian family.
How did the Hebrews avoid the evil spirit of the 10th plague? They spread the blood of a lamb on their doorway.
What finally pushed Pharaoh to release the Hebrews? His son was killed by the 10th plague.
What did Pharaoh do when the Hebrews left? He changed his mind and took his army to try and capture them.
What did Moses do to escape the pursuing Egyptians? Split the Red Sea and let it crash onto the Egyptian soldiers.
What is the moral code for Judaism? The 10 commandments.
What are the two main themes of the 10 commandments? 1. Obey God, 2. Live a moral life.
What are two of the commandments that emphasize the theme "obey God"? 1. You shall have no other God but me. 2. You shall have know images of God. 3. You shall honor your Mother and Father for their authority is a reflection of God.
Name three commandments that follow the theme: "Live a moral life." Do not murder, do not steal, do not lie about people, do not covet, Do not commit adultery.
How were Hebrew leaders viewed differently from leaders of other Kingdoms? They were not seen as Gods. They were people who were expected to follow the law like everyone else.
What is the diaspora? The Hebrews were banished from their homeland or ruled over in their homeland until 1948.
Who was the first society to banish the Hebrews from their homeland? The Babylonians
What did the Romans do to the Hebrews? They gave them religious freedom but executed 50,000 Jews for treason.
When the Jews were without a homeland or enslaved in their homeland - what was it called? The diaspora
Why was King David so important as a KING? He was a brave leader, brilliant military leader, and made Israel a large and powerful nation
Why was King David so important as a RELIGIOUS LEADER? He lied, cheated, and sinned but showed genuine repentance and so God favored and forgave him.
When God granted Solomon one gift, what did Solomon ask for? Wisdom
The "golden age" of Israel? When Solomon ruled.
Created by: shector