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Greek Myth Character

Goddess of agriculture; sheath of grain is her symbol. Demeter
Goddess of love and beauty; dove is her symbol. Aphrodite
God of the sea and earthquakes; trident is his symbol. Posiedon
Lame god of the blacksmiths; anvil and forge are his symbols. Hephaestus
God of the underworld; bident and Cerebus are his symbols. Hades
Virgin goddess of hunting, wild things, and childbirth; bow and arrow are her symbols Artemis
Goddess of marriage and married women; cow and peacock are her symbols. Hera
God of sunlight, truth, poetry, music, and healing; symbols are the laurel wreath and the lyre. Apollo
Goddess of wisdom and war; symbols are the owl and the olive branch. Athena
Virgin goddess of the hearth and home; symbol is the hearth fire. Hestia
God of the heavens, earth, weather, and justice; symbols are the thunderbolt, eagle, and the oak tree. Zeus
God of trade, travel, and theft; symbols are winged cap, winged sandals, staff, and a bag of money. Hermes
God of war, hatred, and violence; symbols are dogs, vultures, and a spear and shield. Ares
He won the Trojan War by building the Trojan Horse: took ten years to return home after the Trojan War. Odysseus
A mountain personified as having six dog-like heads that eats sailors as they pass. Scylla
A giant one-eyed cannibal who traps Odysseus and his men in his cave. Cyclops
A sea nymph who seduces and keeps Odysseus captive for seven years. Calypso
Queen of the Underworld and married to Hades. Persephone
Beings who feast on plants all day and lose the will to do anything at all. Lotus Eaters
A witch who turns men into swine. Circe
A whirlpool personified to eat sailors. Charybdis
Half-women and half-bird who sing men to their death. Sirens
Keeper of the winds who gives Odysseus a bag of winds. Aeolus
God who rides a chariot lead by cattle to raise and set the sun. Helios
A blind prophet who can see the future. Tiresias
God of Love; Aphrodite's son Eros
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