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Seizure of a country or territory by a stronger country imperialism
What was difficult to navigate, which kept early Europeans out of Africa rivers
Who claimed to want to spread Christianity and abolish Slavery in the Congo? King Leopold
How many people died because of Leopold's exploitation in the Congo? ten million
People in the Congo were forced to work to collect what? rubber sap
What two industrial revolution needs encouraged imperialism? new markets and materials
What describes the concept that countries fittest for survival would enjoy wealth, success and were considered superior to others? social darwinism
What were two technological factors that promoted the conquest of Africa? maxim gun and steam engine
what was the major health issue that initially stopped the Europeans in Africa? malaria
what medication was perfected to prevent malaria? quinine
These two factors discouraged unity among African tribes because of their vast differences among the tribes. language and culture
Which three things did African tribes fight over which prevented them from unifying against the Europeans? land water trade rights
What two things were discovered that created a scramble for more African colonies? gold and diamonds
What was the meeting of European colonies to prevent war among European nations from fighting over Africa? Berlin Conference
This African nation was a centralized state with highly disciplined warriors and good military organization. Zulu
The Zulu nation used shields and spears against which country that was equipped with guns? Britain
Governed internally by a foreign power colony
own internal government, but under control of an outside power. protectorate
outside power that claims exclusive investment or trading privileges. Sphere of Influence
Independent but less developed country that is controlled by private business interest rather than by a government. economic imperialism
provides for needs but does not give rights paternalism
policy in which a nation forces or encourages people to adopt its institutions or culture. assimilation
who did most of the positives of imperialism in Africa benefit? Europeans
What was built by Europeans to aid economic growth in Africa? railroads dams telephone and telegraphs lines
how did division of Africa cause problems between the tribes? rivals forced together kinships were split
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