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compliance measure of how easily lungs expand under pressusre
mediastinum space or organs between lungs
cardioptosis downward displacement of heart
hemoglobin pigment that carries 02 in RBC
hemostasis prevention of blood loss
atelectasis airless collapsed lung
rhinorrhea dishcharge from nose
pleurisy inflammation of pleura
alveoli microscopic air sacs in lungs that allow for gas exchange
pharynx throat
apnea temparary stoppage of breathing
diaphragm chiet muscle of respiration
aspiration inhalation of food into lungs
hemoptysis spitting up blood
serum liquid that remains after blood has clotted
myelogenous originating in bone marrow
polyarteritis inflammation of many arteries
aneurysm weekend or expaned arterial wall
myeloma tumor of bone marrow
leukoblast immature WBC
oliguria santy or little urine
transurethral through urethra
perirenal around kidney
cystotomy incision into bladder
cytopenia deficiency of cells in the blood
pyuria pus in urin
bradycardia abnormally slow heart rate less then 50bpm
asplenia without a spleen
thrombosis formation of blood clot
extrasystole extra heart beat
splenomegaly enlargement of spleen
anemia deficiency of iron in blood
anaphylactic reaction severe allergic reaction
polydipsia excessive thirst
pylonephritis renal pelvis, kiddney inglammation
lymphaden/o lymph node
spir/o breathing
pyel/o renal pelvis
end/o within
pulm/pulmono lungs
phren/o diaphragm
bronch/obronch/i bronchus
sider/oferr/o iron
ren/o nephr/o kiddney
cysto/vesic/ bladder
angi/o vessel
tonsill/o tonsil
cardi/o heart
azot/o nitrogen compound
T&A tonsillectomy & adenoidectomy
CF cystic fibrosis
TB tuberculosis
GU genitourinary
AFB acid fast bacillus
HIV human immunodeficiency virus
EBv epstein-barr virus
UTI urinary tract infection
EPO erythropoientin
ARF acute renal failure
PT prothrombin time
ECG electrocardiogram
CHF congestive heart failure
BT bleeding time
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