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History of SW Asia

For Dr. Cohorst's Class

What four countries did the Kurds live in? Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Iraq.
What do the Kurdish people want? a Homeland.
What does it mean to be the largest minority? The largest small group.
How did the Turkish government try to wipe out Kurdish nationalism? Whole villages were destroyed and the Kurdish language was sometimes banned. They convinced everyone that the Kurds were simply "Mountain Turks".
What was the Balfour Declaration? The first time a major world power supported the establishment of a Jewish homeland.
What was the West Bank? The disputed land between the Israelis and Palestinians. It's on the west bank of the Jordan River.
What was the Exodus? The event when Moses led the people out of Egypt (due to persecution) back to the promised land of Canaan.
What was OPEC? Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries- they control the price and supply of oil.
What's Anti-Semitism? The prejudice against Jews.
What was the Holocaust? When German Nazis conquered the majority of Europe during WWII, exterminating 6 million Jews.
What does secular mean? Separated from religion/No religious basis
What was the Zionist Movement? A political movement with the goal of creating a Jewish homeland in Palestine.
What was the Diaspora? When the Romans moved into Palestine and kicked out the Jews, causing them to move to Europe (Holocaust started).
What were the Crusades? Seven major crusades- wars over holy land between the Christians and Muslims.
What happened during the Children's Crusade? 30,000 children gathered up to take back Jerusalem, but instead were tricked onto a boat believed to be taken to Jerusalem, but were sold into slavery instead.
Who were the Janissaries? Christian boys from conquered towns that converted to Muslims.
What was a reason Suleyman was considered magnificent? For the time and effort he put into creating the Ottoman Empire and expanding it.
What were the long term results of the Crusades for the Europeans? The ability to explore more (coasts of Asia and Africa), expanded knowledge on ships, economy, and trade. Exposed to more medicine, banks were created.
How do the Crusades relate to the Ottoman Empire? The Seljuk Turks that attacked in the Crusades are now the Ottoman Empire.
What was the importance of the Strait of Bosporus, Strait of Dardenelle, and Sea of Marmara to the Ottoman Empire? Trade
What led to the end of the Ottoman Empire? Being on the losing side of WWI.
Which European country controlled most of SW Asia? Great Britain, but later lost control in WWII.
How did European partitioning of the SW Asia lead to regional conflict? Families were split apart and enemies were put together (Arabs and Jews felt they deserved more land- causing tension)
What land is the GREATEST source of tension among the Arabs and Jews? Palestine
When was Israel established as a new country? May 1948
What happened immediately following the establishment of Israel? 7 Arab countries attacked Israel- Israel won and gained land.
What caused the first Persian Gulf War? Iraq accused Kuwait of overproducing oil and wanted access to more oil fields and ports on the Persian Gulf. The United Nations attempted to free Kuwait.
What caused the US to enter Iraq for a second time? They weren't allowing UN inspectors in which made us believe they were producing WMD, they were also paying money to Palestinian terrorists- this occurred in 2003 during our war on terror.
What kind of government did Iraq form following Operation Iraqi Freedom? What was their first task? Democratically elected government- first task was a new constitution.
Why is the US in Afghanistan? The War on Terror and to get the Taliban out.
What was the cause of civil war in Lebanon? Power struggle between the Christians and Muslims (Christian Minority and Muslim Majority)
Why does the United States maintain a strong presence in the Middle East? The US has interest in economy.
What is economic specialization? Specializing in one product or service- advantage is being really good at it and competition would have people buying the product from you. The disadvantage is running out of the resource and having no way of making money.
What are the purposes of trade barriers? To limit trade between countries.
Why do countries need a means of exchanging currencies? It would be easier to trade/conduct business with other countries with different currencies.
How does investing in human capital help a country's GDP? There will be better jobs and education.
What are capital goods? Goods that are used to produce other goods and services.
How has the money from oil helped Saudi Arabia? Saudi Arabia was able to pay for education, defense,transportation, health, and housing.
How has Israel's lack of oil impacted their economy? They rely heavily on importing oil which means they have to utilize this imported resource to manufacture goods that can then be exported.
What does economic freedom mean? Key to greater opportunities and improved quality life.
Explain what the term infrastructure means for a country-- Main things a country needs to support its people. Things like buildings, roads, power supplies, sewage, and water pipes.
Created by: theogmag