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Chapter 10

What are the two Greek societies? Minoan and Mycenaean
What is the Minion Society? A sophisticated society in Crete named after King Minos
What are Palaces? Built by Inhabitants of Crete by 2000-1700 BC, which functioned as a tax collection storehouses and were rulers held power and controlled society.
What is Linear A? A script where written symbols represented syllables rather than words, ideas, vowels, or consonants. It was used for detailed economic and commercial records.
What happened in Crete in the years 2200-1450 BC? Crete was the principal center of Mediterranean commerce.
Crete was influenced by...? Egypt and Phoenicia
Crete traded...? Merchants of Crete exchanged wine, olive oil, and wool wire for manufactured goods, grains, and textiles.
What did Cretans do by 1600 BC? They colonized Cyprus and many islands in the Aegean Sea because they had great source of copper and tin markets.
What happened to Polis' by 800 BC? They became into very populated city states. These cities attracted population because of their commercial center, which led to expanding authority and taxation system.
Crete in 1100 BC? They fell into foreign invasion,
Indo-Europeans migrations...? They migrated to the Greek peninsula and Balkans and added the Linear A to their language of the Minoan society. However, it did not last much, since they created their own Linear B.
Who were the Mycenaean? A society based on settlers that arrived to the forfeited lands and built agricultural communities. By 1500-1100 BC, they expanded their culture throughout the Greek Peninsula.
What did Mycenaean overpower? They managed to overpower the Minoan society and take over the Cretan palaces and established craft workshops.
Mycenaean settlements...? They settled Anatolia, Sicily, and southern Italy. Eventually, this led to conflicts with the city of Troy.
Chaos in 1100-800 BC...? The constant chaos made it impossible to establish a strong government and productive agriculture. This led to total disaster; places were falling apart, population was declining by a major number, and the Linear A and B vanished.
What was the World of the Polis? A new era and beginning for the Greek empire after the great chaos.
What is Polis? a ancient greek city-state created for political and ideal philosophical purposes.
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