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Chapter 11

Where was the kingdom of rome located ? Kingdom of Rome was located by the Tiber River
How were the Consuls elected ? By an assembly of Patricians
Who granted plebeians the tribunes ? The Patricians
What century did rome make its position in Italy stronger ? Fifth and Fourth Century B.C.E
What is the Punic War ? The Punic War is a conflict with the Carthage and Hellenistic Realms
Who founded the city of Rome ? Romulus
Who is Romulus and Remus ? Romulus and Remus are twins who were drowned by they're evil uncle in the Tiber River but were saved by a she wolf
What is the Roman Forum ? It is a political civic center filled with temples and public buildings
Roman ha appointed who in the time of the crisis ? A dictator , for a long term for about 6 months
Who were the Gauls ? powerful Celtic people who on several occasions invaded Italy
Who were the Punic Wars against ? The punic war was against carthage in 264 and 146 B.C.E
What are the twelve tables ? basic law code for citizens and early republics
What is Paterfamilias ? He is the father of the family that had the right to decide other peoples from different family members job's and have marriage that could sell them into slavery and execute him
Who was the principle god of romans ? Jupiter the Lord of the Heavens
What are the three main deities ? JUPITER the principle of the god , lord of the heavens MARS the god of war , CERESS the goddess of the grain , JANUS the god who watched the threshold of the individual houses VESTA the goddess of the hearth
What did religion mainly teach ? Salvation
Who was Aeneas ? Aeneas was a refugee from Troy who had migrated to Italy when the greek invaders had destroyed and ruined the native land of the Aeneas himself
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