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Chapter 11

About 55 C.E., Paul of Tarsus traveled from a port in Palestine to Rome in order to appeal his case
According to the ancient legends, the kingdom of Rome was established in 753 B.C.E. by Romulus
The society of the Etruscans was ruled by powerful kings
The Roman republic was dominated by patricians
During the Punic Wars, the Romans came into bloody conflict with the Carthaginians when the Romans expanded to Sicily
The Gracchi brothers are known for being reformers
Which of the following was done by Caesar after he seized power in 49 B.C.E.? He started large-scale building projects, centralized the military under his control, dictator for life, distributed property to the veterans of his armies
Augustus's government was a monarchy disguised as a republic
Who wrote about the corruption of the early Roman empire? Tacitus
By Roman law, defendants had a right to challenge their accusers before a judge
Which of the following were NOT attractions of the city of Rome? public beaches on the Mediterranean
Which of the following does NOT describe Roman slaves? They had the right to elect their own tribunes
Which of the following may have been the most popular religion in the Roman empire prior to Christianity? the cult of Isis
Mithraism was especially popular among soldiers
The Jewish people could not get along well with a number of imperial regimes because they had difficulty recognizing emperors as divine
The Essenes looked for their own savior
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