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When did hinduism begin began around the year 10,000 B.C
When were the earliest known scriptures created? What were they called? Rig veda. Were first created around 6500 B.C
What is an important hindu belief? "Truth is one, paths are many"
Who is Brahman/Bhagavan The one supreme God that Hindus believe in. Brahman is the creator of the universe.
What are lesser gods called? devas
What are the 4 different sects of hinduism? Saiva Shakta, Vaishnava, Smarta
What are the central holy books of Hinduism the 4 vedas
When was the oldest veda written The rig veda was written in sanskrit at approximately 1500 bc.
What are the main practices called, and what are they? pancha nitya karmas. Worship daily, follow dharma, observe the samskaras (rites of passage), celebrate the holy days, and pilgrimage to sacred places.
What is dharma? Dharma are the natural laws Hindus are supposed to live their lives by.
What is karma? It is the idea of cause and effect
What is samsara? reincarnation/rebirth
What is Moksha The desire to be liberated from the cycle of lives and deaths.
What are the key scriptures? The upanishads are a key component of the vedas
Who is Vishnu The protector/preserver of the universe
What is the class system called? Varna
How were the social classes listed? Priests, warriors, farmers, laborers and servants
What is the best known festival? Diwali, or festival of lights
How many followers practice hinduism approximately one billion
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