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Chapter 11

The Etruscans dominated who? They dominated Italy 8 to 5 centuries B.C.E.
The Kingdom of Rome was located where? The Kingdom of Rome was on the Tiber River.
Rome nobility deposed the last Etruscan king in? In 509 B.C.E.
Republican constitution included two consuls which were? The civil and military consuls.
Consuls were elected by an assembly dominated by? Dominated by the patricians.
Who dominated the Roman politics in the early third century B.C.E.? The Plebeians.
Rome had preeminent power in? Eastern and western Mediterranean
Who was Gaius Marius? He was a general who advocated land redistribution.
Who was Julius Caesar? He was very popular social reformer and conqueror.
Octavion brought what to an end? Octavion brought civil conflict to an end.
Roman expanded into? Mediterranean basin, western Europe, down Nile to Kush.
Roman navy kept the seas largely free of? Free of pirates.
Rome had many structure and decoration like? Statues, pools, fountains, arches, temples and stadiums.
Rome was the first place to use this material in constructing? Concrete.
In The pater familiaswho ruled? The eldest male of the family ruled.
How much of the population were slaves? One-third of the population were slaves.
Who was Cicero (106-43 B.C.E.)? He was an orator and writer on Stoicism.
Roman roads served as? As a way to spread religion.
What became the Holy book of Christianity? The Old Testament and the New Testament.
Who was the principle figure in spread of Christianity? Paul of Tarsus.
It was a strong appeal to which type of people? Lower classes, urban population, and women.
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