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Chapter 6

Pirates Chart, Vocabulary, and Chronology

Where did the Olmecs migrate to? Mesoamerica
Where did the Olmecs travel from? Siberia to Alaska
What did they do because of huntings difficulty? Agriculture
What was the early agriculture? beans, squashes, and chilies
What did they call the olmecs? rubber people
Where did they live? Gulf of Mexico
What elaborate complex buildings did they build? Pyramids
Where did the Mayans live? Guatemala
What did they cultivate that the Olmecs did not? cotton and cacao
What was the most important Maya political center? Tikal
What was the Maya warfare? warriors had prestige; captives were slaves or victims
What was at the top of their society? Kings, priests, and hereditary nobility at the top
What was the majority of their population? Peasants and slaves
What did the Maya calendar have? both solar and ritual years interwoven
Where did the Teotihuacan establish? Highlands of Mexico
What did they have pyramids of? Colossal pyramids of sun and moon
What did paintings and murals reflect? importance of priests
Who dominated their society? Rulers and priests
Who traded extensively throughout Mesoamerica? Professional merchants
What type of military did they have? No sign of military organization
What cultural traditions did they have? ball game, calendar, writing, and sacrifices
What happened in 13,000 B.C.E.? Large wave of humans traveled from Siberia to Alaska
What happened in 9500 B.C.E.? humans reached the southernmost part of South America
What happened in 7500 B.C.E.? As hunting became difficult, agriculture began
What happened in 5000 B.C.E.? Early agriculture: beans, squashes, chilies; later, maize became the staple
What happened in 3000 B.C.E? Agricultural villages appeared
What happened in 400 B.C.E.? Decline of Olmecs: systematically destroyed ceremonial centers
What happened in 300 to 900 C.E.? Tikal was the most important Maya political center
What happened in 800 C.E? Maya decline began
What happened in 650 C.E? Decline of Teotihuacan
What didn't the early Andean socities make use of? writing
What did the Andeans rely on to introduce and maintain order? arms 
What did the Chavin cult inspire? building of ceremonial centers
What did craftsmen experiment with during the era of the Chavin cult? minerals, gold, silver, copper metallurgy which they made into jewelry or small tools
What did artisans manufacture during the era of the Chavin cult? large, light, and strong fishnets from cotton string
What did weavers produce during the era of the Chavin cult? elaborate and intricate design textiles of both cotton and wool from llamas and alpacas
What did the stone carvings of the Chavin Cult have on them? pictures of their deities with human and animals features
What is the definition of The Olmec? a member of a prehistoric people inhabiting the coast of Veracruz and western Tabasco on the Gulf of Mexico
What is the definition of The Maya? A civilization in Mesoamerica that existed in three different time period Pre-Classic,Classic and Post-Classic
What is the definition of The Teotihuacan? the ruins of an ancient Mesoamerican city in central Mexico, near Mexico City, that flourished and is the site of the pyramids of the Sun and Moon and of many temples, palaces, and dwellings.
What is the definition of The Mochica relating to, or characteristic of a pre-Inca culture that flourished on the northern coast of Peru from the 3rd century
What is the definition of The Lapita? Existed from 1500 BCE to 500 BCE in the South Pacific Islands, mainly New Caledonia
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