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Modern World History

Imperialism CH 11 & 12 Study Guide

Africans lost land and trade control (negative) Africans gained education and health care (positive) What were some negative and positive results from European colonization in Africa?
warring against themselves (African tribes), different languages, low technology What internal factors caused Africa to be more easily conquered by the Europeans?
natural resources or raw materials for industry What sources were Europeans seeking in the “Scramble for Africa”?
Nationalism, Economic Competition, Racism, Christian Mission (spread Christianity) NERM What factors or motives contributed to imperialism?
Imperialism What was the poem The White Man’s Burden used by the Europeans to justify?
Advanced weapon technology, the steam engine, quinine for malaria What were the external forces that allowed Europeans to conquer Africa?
The division of Africa between European nations. What was the purpose of the Berlin Conference?
It was a shorter way to their colonies of India and China. Why was the Suez Canal called the “Lifeline of the British Empire”?
resistence How did the Africans initially react to Europeans’ attempt to colonize them?
Ethiopia and Liberia What two African nations retained their independence during European imperialism?
Sepoy Mutiny What was the event where Indian soldiers rebelled against their British officers over religious differences. British disregard for Indian religion and culture.
the “jewel in the crown" What was India called because it was Britain's most valuable colony?
Britain had colonies in most time zones and on most continents What does the phrase “the sun never sets on the British empire” mean?
Mohandas Gandhi Who played a major role in ending British rule in India?
Opium What became the first major European import to China?
The Boxer Rebellion What was the name of the conflict where Chinese rebels fought (used Kung Fu) against an army of many foreign nations?
Japan borrowed the best of western ways for modernization. How did Japan differ from China in its approach to the West?
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