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Ch. 5-India

Monsoon rains cause _______________ throughout the land, enriching the soil for farming. flooding and spreads silt
There are _____________ that are collections of prayers and hymns recited by a priest in ceremonies and rituals. 4 Vedas
This particular area in South Asia is where the largest mountain range in the world, what is it called? The Himalayas
Two cities that developed in the Indus River Valley region were the ___________________. Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro
A region that is separated by water from other lands is known as a ____ subcontinent
The Western and Eastern Ghats mountain range extends ______________ in range. 1,000 miles
South Asia is a ___________land. solitary diamond-shaped
What are the names of the three gods that makeup the Hindu god “Brahman”? Brahma, Shiva, & Vishnu
What was the type of writing the Aryans brought to the people of India a long time ago? Sanskrit
What type of farming is when one is growing enough food for themselves and family only? Subsistence farming
What is known as coming back from the dead as another form in the Hinduism religion? Reincarnation
What is a priest or teacher in the top social caste called? Brahmins
What are farmers, workers, labors, or servants in the caste system called? Sudras
How many countries does South Asia have? 9
What is the major religion in India? Hinduism
What percent practices Hinduism in India? 81%
Created by: vacosta1