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Chapter 6

Early Societies in the Americas and Oceania

By cutting slits into his penis in a public ritual, the Maya prince Chan Bahlum intended to imitate the gods' sacrifice.
The low sea levels during ice ages exposed land bridges that linked Siberia with Alaska, and Australia with New Guinea.
Which of the following is NOT true regarding migrations to the Americas? Most of the migrants arrived by boat.
As for early agriculture in Mesoamerica, we can say that the settlers developed maize as their staple food around 5000 B.C.E.
The Olmecs established the first complex society in Mesoamerica, built ceremonial centers with pyramids and temples, lived in an area where rubber trees flourished, constructed elaborate drainage systems.
The Olmec society produced huge sculptures of human heads.
The decline of Olmec society might have been caused by civil conflicts.
For the Olmecs, the ceremonial center at San Lorenzo was like Tikal to the Maya.
A traveler in Tikal might have seen pyramids, plazas, and palaces, the Temple of the Giant Jaguar, stone-paved courts for ball games, kings, priests, nobles, merchants, slaves, and war captives
The Maya calendar contained a solar year and a ritual year
The Popol Vuh concerned the creation of the world
Which of the following would NOT have been seen at Teotihuacan? iron tools.
After about 650 C.E., the city of Teotihuacan, another of the successor societies of the Olmecs, began to decline. The reason for the downfall of Teotihuacan was military pressure and invasion from surrounding peoples
The heartland of early Andean society was the region now occupied by the states of Peru and Bolivia.
During the period of the ChavĂ­n cult, large temple complexes were built, carvings of wild animals were created, weavers produced cotton textiles, gold, silver, and copper jewelry was made
Mochica was one of several large states of Andean society
Which of the following is true of the story of the voyage of Ru? It told of a migration from Hawai`i to an uninhabited island
The Lapita peoples developed sea trading and communications networks.
The developments of early societies in Australia and New Guinea took different paths because the environments of the two islands were very different
All of the following conditions helped the Austronesians to people the islands of the Pacific EXCEPT their knowledge of agriculture and raising domestic animals.
What was the most important Mayan political center Tikal from 300 to 900 C.E
What important thing did they make that we all use The calendar
How was mayan writing Ideographic and syllabic
What was Popol Vuh A myth teaching gods creating humans from maize and water
What did gods do? Maintain agricultural cycles (Rain) for sacrifices
What was Bloodletting ritual Sacrifice blood to the gods
Teotihuacan? City in highlands of Mexico
What were pyramids for Sun and Moon
What was the high point of Mayan society 400 and 600 C.E
When was the decline of Teotihuacan 650 C.E
Where did merchants trade Throughout Mesoamerica
What did they supplement agricultural harvests with Fishing
What were main crops in south america Beans,Peanuts,Sweet potatoes and cotton
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