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Catholic Vocab #1

Catholic Vocabulary Words and Terms #1

Priest Someone who is ordained to minister within the Church. Their main duties are; preaching, celebrating Mass, administering the other sacraments.
Bishop From the Greek word "episcopos" meaning "overseer," in charge of the Church in a local area. One who has received the fullness of the Sacrament of Holy Orders, a successor of the Apostles.
Deacon A third degree of the hierarchy of the Sacrament of Holy Orders, after bishop and priest. Ordained not to priesthood but for ministry and service. They assist the bishop and priests in the celebration of Mass, in the distribution of Communion, Gospel.
Advent The liturgical season of four weeks devoted to preparation for the coming of Christ at Christmas.
Ordinary Time The time in the liturgical year that is not part of a special season like Advent, Christmas, Lent, or Easter.
Lent Lturgical season of forty days which begins Ash Wednesday and ends with the celebration of the Paschal Mystery. Primary penitential season in the Church's liturgical year, reflecting the forty days Jesus spent in the desert in fasting and prayer.
Pentecost The "fiftieth" day at the end of the seven weeks following Passover, Easter in the Christian dispensation. After the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus, the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles.
Annunciation The visit of the angel Gabriel to the virgin Mary to inform her that she was to be the mother of the Savior.
Immaculate Conception The dogma proclaimed that recognises Mary's conception without original oin
Trinity The mystery of one God in three Persons
Mass The principal sacramental celebration of the Church, established by Jesus at the Last Supper, in which the mystery of our salvation through participation in the sacrificial death and glorious resurrection of Christ is renewed and accomplished.
Liturgy of the Word The part of the Mass, during which the faithful are instructed in the revealed word of God. It consists of readings from Sacred Scripture and the songs occurring between them.
Liturgy of the Eucharist The part of Mass which commemorates Jesus' offering on his body and blood for our salvation. Established at the Last Supper
Communion The reception of the body and blood of Christ in the Eucharist. Our union with Christ as a community.
Confession An essential element of the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation, which consists in telling one's sins to the priestly minister.
Sacrifice A ritual offering made to God by a priest on behalf of the people, as a sign of adoration, gratitude, supplication, and communion.
Chalice The cup used at Mass to hold the wine.
Church The name given the "convocation" or "assembly" of the People God has called together from "the ends of the earth." Has three inseparable meanings
Diocese A "particular Church", a community of the faithful in communion of faith and sacraments whose bishop has been ordained in apostolic succession.
Creed A brief, normative summary statement or profession of Christian faith.
Paschal Mystery The work of salvation accomplished by Jesus Christ mainly through his life, Passion, death, Resurrection, and Ascension.
Grace The free and undeserved gift that God gives us to respond to our vocation to become his adopted children. God shares his divine life and friendship with us.
Doctrine The revealed teachings of Christ which are proclaimed to the fullest extent of the authority of the Church's Magisterium. The faithful are obliged to believe the truths or dogmas contained in divine revelation and defined by the Magisterium.
Passion The suffering and death of Jesus.
Stations of the Cross A series of fourteen meditations on incidents in the suffering and death of Christ. Pictures of these scenes can be found round the walls of most Catholic churches.
Penance A conversion of heart toward God and away from sin, which implies the intention to change one's life because of hope in divine mercy. External acts include fasting, prayer, and almsgiving.
Catholic Church The Church established by Christ on the foundation of the Apostles, possessing the fullness of the means of salvation which he has willed
Protestant Churches Protestantism is a form of Christian faith which began with the Reformation, a movement against what its followers considered to be errors in the Roman Catholic Church. One of the 3 major divisions of Christendom, Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox.
Laity The faithful who, having been incorporated into Christ through Baptism, are made part of the people of God, the Church. They participate in their own way in the priestly, prophetic, and kingly functions of Christ.
Exodus God's saving intervention in history by which he liberated the Hebrew people from slavery in Egypt, made a covenant with them, and brought them into the Promised Land.
Passover Jewish feast of Pasch commemorating the deliverance of the Jewish people from death by the blood of the lamb sprinkled on the doorposts in Egypt, which the angel of death saw and "passed over." Jesus is acknowledged as the Lamb of God,
Holy Thursday The day before Good Friday. On This day Catholics commemorate the supper Jesus held with his disciples on the night before he died.
Good Friday The day on which the crucifixion of Jesus is commemorated.
Messiah A Hebrew word meaning "anointed".
Ministry The service or work of sanctification performed by the preaching of the word and the celebration of the sacraments by those in Holy Orders, or in determined circumstances, by laity.
Sin An offense against God as well as a fault against reason, truth, and right conscience. It is a deliberate thought, word, deed, or omission contrary to the eternal law of God.
Sacred Scripture The sacred, inspired writings of the Old and New Testaments.
Salvation The forgiveness of sins and restoration of friendship with God, which can be done by God alone.
Incarnation The fact that the Son of God assumed human nature and became man in order to accomplish our salvation in that same human nature.
Prayer The elevation of the mind and heart to God in praise of his glory; a petition made to God for some desired good, or in thanksgiving for a good received, or in intercession for others before God.
Parable A characteristic feature of the teaching of Jesus. A simple images or comparisons which confront the hearer or reader with a radical choice about his invitation to enter the Kingdom of God.
Old Testament The forty-six books of the Bible, which record the history of salvation from creation through the old alliance or covenant with Israel, in preparation for the appearance of Christ as Savior of the world.
New Testament The twenty-seven books of the Bible written by the sacred authors in apostolic times, which have Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God, his life, teachings, Passion and glorification, and the beginnings of his Church as their central theme.
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