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Chapter 10

Question Answer
What is the Yellow River? It is a water source at high plateau of Tibet.
What was the "China's Sorrow" Mean? This means extensive flooding.
What was the the Xia dynasty? Archeological discovery was founded by legendary King Yu, he was a hero of flood control.
What is the The Shang dynasty? This was a arose in the southern and eastern areas of the Xia realm, they traded Bronze metallurgy.
Who many times did the Shang capital moved? six times.
What year was the Zhou dynasty founded? 1122-256 B.C.E.
How was there political organization? decentralized administration,
There social order......; they had ruling elites with their lavish consumption of bronze.
Who did the merchants trade with? Traded with China and the Korean islands.
What were slaves? They were mostly prisoners.
What was there type of writing? They used from pictograph to ideograph.
Who were the Nomadic people? They exchanged products between themselves and the Chinese farmers?
What was the southern expansion of Chinese society? The Yangzi valley.
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