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Foy WH Ch. 5 Test

What are the two major cities in the Harappan civilization? Harappa and Mohenjo Daro
What name did Siddhartha Gautama receive after receiving enlightenment under the Tree of Wisdom? The Buddha
After the decline of the Mauryan Empire, what religion did most Indians practice for nearly 500 years? Buddhism
What advancement in medicine did the ancient Indians make? inoculation and surgery
Describe the government of the Aryans: no central government; small communities ruled by rajas
What advancement in astronomy did the ancient Indians make? They could predict eclipses of the sun and moon. They knew of seven out of nine planets.
What group took over India after the Harappan civilization disappeared around 1700 BC? Aryans
What king seized control of northern India but later became a Jainist monk and gave up his throne? Candragupta
What led to the growth of cities in the Indus River Valley? irrigation farming techniques
What sect of Buddhism follows the Buddha’s teachings exactly? Theravada
What language is the root of many modern South Asian languages? Sanskrit
What religion did Gupta rulers spread through the building of temples. Hinduism
What is a characteristic of Hindu temples? complex temples with intricate carvings
What book of stories was intended to teach moral lessons and quick thinking? Panchatantra
What powerful king became a Buddhist and spread Buddhism in India and foreign lands? Ashoka
What kept the plains fertile in the Indus River Valley? rivers melting snow
What did Siddhartha Gautama do to try to find the meaning of life? meditation fasting learning from different teachers
What was the caste system based on? your birth, wealth, or occupation
What sect of Buddhism believes that individual interpretation of the Buddha’s teachings is important? Mahayana
What was the punishment for breaking rules in the Sutra? You could be transferred to a lower class or become untouchable.
What story contains models for the ideal ruler (Rama) and the ideal mate (Sita)? Ramayana
What did Gupta rulers believe would stabilize the empire and make it more peaceful? keeping citizens under strict caste rule
If you create tools and weapons by mixing iron and other metals together, what is your job? metallurgy
What advancement in math did ancient Indians make? concept of zero
What are some achievements of the Harappan civilization? wells and indoor plumbing pottery cotton clothing jewelry India's first writing system
What Buddhist building was used to house sacred objects from the life of the Buddha? stupas
Who is in the Brahmin caste? priests
Who is in the Kshatriya caste? rulers and warriors
Who is in the Vaishya caste? farmers, craftspeople, traders
Who is in the Sudra caste? laborers and non-Aryans
What religion believes in the Eight-fold Path? Buddhism
What religion believes in the Four Principles: injure no life, tell the truth, do not steal, own no property? Jainism
What religion believes that women were inferior but could still gain salvation? Hinduism
What religion believes in the Four Noble Truths? Buddhism
What religions believe in reincarnation? Buddhism and Hinduism
What mountain range is on the Northwest border of India? Hindu Kush
What mountain range is on the Northeast border of India? Himalayas
Created by: lfoy8290