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Chapter 10

Mediterranean Society: The Greek Phase

Minoan society arose on the island of _____. Crete
It was the center of _____ commerce. Mediterranean
Mycenaean society: named after important city, _____. Mycenae
What caused the fall and decline of the Minoan society? Natural disasters and attacks
Chaos in the eastern Mediterranean after _____ War. Trojan
_____ maintained domination by a powerful military machine. Sparta
In _____'s society, citizenship was open to free adult males, not to foreigners, slaves, and women. Athens
How many colonies did Greece founded? More than 400
Who won the battle of the Marathon? Athens
_____ tried again to seize Athens; his navy lost battle of Salamis Xerxes
Philip of _____ (reigned 359-336 B.C.E.) brought Greece under control. Macedon
_____ of Macedon succeeds Philip at age twenty and begins conquests, invaded Persian homeland and burned Persepolis. Alexander
Hellenistic Empires: Alexander's realm was divided into 3 sections. Antigonid, Ptolemaic, and Seleucid
_____ withdrew from Seleucids and established independent Greek kingdom. Bactria
Encouraged reflection on questions of ethics and morality and was condemned to death on charge of corrupting Athenian youths. Socrates
Where did women enjoy higher status than women of other poleis. Spartan
Trade roots spread what? religions of salvation
Disturbed theory of Forms and was Plato's student. Aristotle
The theory of Forms or Ideas--world of ideal qualities. This world is imperfect reflection of World of Forms. Plato
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