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Lesson 5

who invented the spinning jenny? James Hargreaves
He invented the water frame Richard Arkwright
inventor of the first efficient steam engine James Watt
inventor of the power loom edmund cartwright
the fundamental shift of the industrial revolution from muscle power to machine power
Where the industrial revolution began Britain
the first steam engines were used for this get water out of coal mines
the first railroad was between these two cities Manchester and Liverpool
where the industrial revolution first spread Europe
this invention led to factories water frame
this invention used water power to spin yarn water frame
this machine weaved thread into cloth power loom
the two steps in cloth making spinning and weaving
the industrial revolution began in this industry textiles
the systems and objects that support our society and economy infrastructure
after the steam engine became widespread, factories tended to locate near this natural resource coal
the most important invention of the Industrial Revolution steam engine
a man-made waterway canal
steam engines were first used in this industry coal mining
the first invention that we discussed in class spinning jenny
the very first factories used this form of power water
later, factories replaced water wheels with this energy source steam
a word that means "making something better" innovation
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