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European Colonizatio

The Spanish colonization system where colonist were given land grants and a certain number of Indian workers in exchange for teaching Christianity to the Indians is called the: Encomienda System
Spanish conquerors were called: Conquistadors
Name the Aztec Emperor who was killed during a fight between the Spanish and the Aztecs Monteczuma II
Name the leader of the Spanish who conquered the Aztecs Hernan Cortez
This cartographer (or map maker) discovered that Columbus had not reached India or Asia, but actually discovered a “New World Amerigo Vespucci
Portuguese explorer who establish a trade route at the port of Calicut, India in 1498 Vasco de Gama
Spanish conquistador of the Incas Francisco Pizarro
Although he was killed before his voyage around the world was complete, he is given credit as the first to circumnavigate the globe Ferdinand Magellan
Queen Isabella of Spain commissioned 3 ships to this Portuguese explorer in 1492; he discovered the “New World”, but never accepted that fact Christopher Columbus
This created a line that divided the New World between Spain and Portugal Treaty of Tordisallis
Native American Empire located in modern day Peru in the Andes Mountains; conquered in 1535 by the Spanish Incas
The trade of goods, services, and ideas between cultures…especially between Europe and the Americas Columbian Exchange
This Aztec god required human sacrifices be given Huitzopochtli
This god of the Aztecs could be described as a “feathered snake” and was supposed to return and end the Aztec civilization Quetzacoatl
Disease that devastated Native Americans as Europeans came into contact with them Small Pox
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