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The Greek Phase

What was the society for Crete called? Minoan
Crete established what to citizens? Colonies
What is linear A? written symbols that stood for syllables rather than words, ideas, vowels, or consonants.
What is linear B? syllabic script
Peloponnesus? massive stone fortresses and palaces throughout the southern part of the Greek peninsula.
What are Homer's major works? Iliad and the Odyssey
Polis? citadel or fortified site that offered refuge for local communities during times of war or other emergencies.
Tyrants? generals or ambitious politicians,who gained power by irregular means.
Helots? servants of the Spartan state.
Spartan refers to what? a lifestyle characterized by simplicity, frugality, and austerity.
What did Solon do to help classes? He allowed aristocrats to keep their land and got rid of debt and slavery
How long did the Persian Wars last? 500–479 B.C.E.
How long did the Peloponnesian War last? 431–404 B.C.E.
Thucydides did what? Wrote a book about the peloponnesian wars
Who was Thucydides? an athenian historian
What did King Philip II do to help his expansion? Made a strong military
After Alexander died, how many parts was the his empire divided? 3
Megalopolis? where people of different ethnic, religious, and cultural traditions conducted their affairs.
Due to geographical location,Greece mainly cultivated what? olives and grapes
Winners of the Olimpic games received what? Winners of events received olive wreaths, and they became celebrated heroes in their home poleis.
Olimpic games were taken place? Every four years in polis of Olimpia
Greek Poleis had what type of government? strictly patriarchal
Poet Sappho helped women how? By teaching them music and literature
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