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OT Pt. 2 Midterm

OT Midterm

Name means "gotten or acquired" Cain
Name means "vapor or breath" Abel
Cain's first confrontation with God God's refusing Cain
Was the murder of Abel by Cain premeditated? Yes
Cain's second confrontation with God Fugitive, work unproductive, fear of hunted, guilty look
Cain's descendants known as what? Cainites
Name means "commencement" Enoch
First polygamist Lamech
Means "anointed one" Messiah
Name means "appointed, the image of Adam" Seth
In whose day was there public worship, absence of God, and God as Redeemer? Seth
T/F: One's faith will always be evident by one's obedience. T
Name means "when he dies, judgment" Methuselah
Enoch's son Methuselah
Name means "comfort or rest" Noah
The three institutions of God Marriage, human gov., capital punishment
Noah's three sons Shem, ham, Japheth
The order in which Noah's sons were born Japheth, ham, shem
Three major changes after man's fall Man rule by fear, permission to eat meat, don't consume blood
Capital punishment involves what three things? God's instruction, God's image, God's delegated authority
Noah's sin Drunkenness
Canaan's sin Disrespected Noah
How was Canaan related to Noah? Grandson
Of Noah's sons, who was neither blessed nor cursed? Ham
Of Noah's sons, who was "enlarged"? Japheth
Of Noah's sons, who was blessed? Shem
Israel a descendant of whom? Abraham
The Table of Nations is found in what reference? Genesis 10
T\F: The Bible never refers to anyone as being of a certain race; it simply refers to the geographical location of the individual's homeland. T
T/F: On the origin of the races the Bible is silent. T
Japheth's descendants spread to where? Europe and Asia
Ham's descendants spread to where? Africa and Syria
Shem's descendants spread to where? The Middle East
Means "division" Peleg
The construction of a city and a tower was the work of who? Nimrod
What was the root of their sin? Pride
The father of Abraham Terah
Person known as Exalted Father Abram
The Tree of Life represents God's what? Blessing
The Tree of Knowledge and Evil represents God's what? Will
The most COMMON name for God in the OT Yahweh
The PRIMARY name for God in OT Elohim
Name for God that speaks of God's majesty and power Elohim
The plural form of God's name Elohim
The name of God that links Him with creation Elohim
Name of God that Abraham used; the sovereign ruler of the universe El Elyon
4000BC Creation
2500BC Flood
2000BC Abraham
1500BC Moses
The English Bible followed the arrangement of what? Septuagint
Theme of Leviticus Worship and holy living
Relation to of Exodus Delivered
God's first promise Proto-evangelium
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