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Chapter 10

Minoan were influenced by? Received early influences from Phoenicia and Egypt
By 1100 B.C.E what happened? Crete fell under foreign domination.
Mycenaean society settled in? Settled in Greece.
Stone fortresses in the Peloponnesus protected what? Agriculture settlements.
Minoan society expanded to? To Anatolia, Sicily, and Italy
Sparta was good in what? They were good in war,combat.
In Athens citizenship was open to free adult males,but not to who? Not to foreigners, slaves, and women
Who was the most popular democratic leader of Athens? Pericles (ca. 443-429 B.C.E.),
Greeks founded how many colonies? More than 400 colonies.
Greek cities on Ionian coast revolted against who? The Persian Empire.
The Peloponnesian War (431-404 B.C.E.) led to two armed camps, under leadership of who? Athens and Sparta.
What did Philip of Macedon do (reigned 359-336 B.C.E.). He brought Greece under control.
By 331 B.C.E., Alexander of Macedon controlled what? Syria, Egypt, Mesopotamia.
Alexander's realm was divided into what? It was divided into Antigonid, Ptolemaic, Seleucid
Antigonid empire was in? Greece and Macedon.
Trade and commerce flourished resulted in? Population growth and more colonies.
Various types of religious like? Cult of Dionysus most popular.
The Hellenistic philosophers searched for? Search for personal tranquility.
Epicureans identified pleasure as the? As the greatest good
Skeptics doubted what? Certainty of knowledge, sought equanimity.
Stoics taught individuals duty to? Aid others and lead virtuous lives
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