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Mrs. Smithson

Chapter 6 Study Guide

Karma the consequences of how a person lives his or her life
Dharma meaning “divine” law, it directs Hindus to do the duty of their castes
Siddartha Gautama A.K.A. the enlightened one
Pataliputra capital city in both the Mauryan and Gupton empires
Mauryan Dynasty achievements include a centralized gov’t and postal system
Asoka first great Buddhist king
Gupta Dynasty made Hinduism the official religion
Gupta Empire India's golden age of learning and culture
Vedas ancient hymns and prayer for religious ceremonies
Siva a Hindu god; he is the destroyer of the world
Brahma a Hindu god; he's the creator of the world
Krishna Hindu god who was the teacher of the world
Harappans a peaceful people who farmed and traded with their neighbors
Indus River Valley India's first settlements were here
Sanskrit written language developed by the Aryans
Aryans expert horse riders who invaded India from the North
Himalaya highest mountains in the world
Iron Plows brought by the Aryans when they invaded India
Hinduism system of religion that grew out of the religion of the Aryans in ancient India
Pariahs "untouchables"
Upper caste boys often had a "blank" to teach them until they went to the city Guru
The golden age of Indian culture came during which empire? Gupta Empire
What raja conquered weak kingdoms left by Alexander the Great's leaving? Chandragupta Maurya
A system in which the rulers run the government from a capital city is called a "blank" Centralized Government
The caste system helped these people to rule people who outnumbered them. Aryans
Buddhism became popular in part because it rejected what kind of system? caste
What aspects of life does the caste system determine? Marriage, jobs, and social groups
Describe Indian marriage arranged
In what section of the Mahabharata does Krishna talk about doing one's duty? Bhagavad Gita
What are monsoons? How did they influence farmers in India? A strong wind that blows one direction in the winter and the opposite direction in the summer; the water and soil makes rich soil called silt.
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