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review for chapter test

The Fertile Crescent includes what modern countries? Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, and Jordan
How many people were in the Assyrian army? 50,000
How many years did Sargon's army last? More than 200 years
How did Sumerians get their metal? Trade
Why did Sumerian city-states fight with each other? power and land
Who rebelled against the Assyrians? Chaldeans
Who wrote a legal code that covered most areas of daily life? Hammurabi
What were the first Sumerian kings? war heroes
Sumerian artisans, merchants and farmers make up this class of people. middle class
During what time of year was water scarce in Mesopotamia? summer
What was a woman's role in Sumerian society? caretaker of children and household
What are some examples of the Assyrian army's brutality? burning crops, destroying dams, and robbed people
people who study the heavenly bodies astronomers
site of one of the world's first libraries Nineveh
first large army to use iron weapons Assyrians
a pyramid-shaped structure with a temple at the top ziggurat
hero of an epic who travels the world performing great deeds Gilgamesh
Created by: aseamans66