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Chapter 5 Shang

Pirate Chart

Shang 1766 to 1122 B.C.E
Political -Bronze production center -Somewhat military based -Had a monarchy(had kings) -Objective of the rulers were to maintain there rule -Used local rulers
Interactions With Environment -Mined for copper and tin in the Yellow River Valley -Used rivers for agriculture
Religion -Had tombs or resting places for there rulers -Had sacrifices -The sacrificial victims joined the king in death
Art and Architecture -Had craftsman -Palaces -Pottery -Used wood and bone
Technology -Had a writing system -Used Bronze metallurgy -Had wheeled vehicles including chariots and wagons -Used bronze to make better weapons -Had walls for defense of the city
Economic -Somewhat of a trade, exchanged inventions(chariots from Indo Europeans) -Mostly relied on bronze production -Relied also on agriculture
Society -Revolved around cities -The capital was very important to the society -Forced public life
Created by: Pedro2019