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Wiltja History

Ancient Australia

prehistory The period of time before written records or writing.
Australia The country and continent surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans.
Europeans People who come from the continent of Europe.
Aboriginal The first people of a place or country.
Torres Strait Islanders The first peoples of the 17 Torres Strait islands. These islands are located between Papua New Guinea and the north of Cape York, Queensland, in the Torres Strait
inhabited To have lived in or occupied.
separated To have moved apart from something else.
languages The way humans communicate with one another. These can be spoken or written. More than one
lifestyles The way in which people live.
traditions Things that certain people do. These are usually very old and are past down through the generations
environment The natural world or the surroundings in which a person, animal or plant lives.
scientists People who studies or is an expert in a certain area of the sciences.
archaeologists The study of material remains such as fossils, artifacts and monuments of past human life and activities.
anthropologists Scientists who experts on humans. They want to figure out what makes humans human.
Homo sapiens The primate species to which modern humans belong. Human beings.
originated Where something first came from.
Rift Valley A massive break in the Earth's surface that runs along part of East Africa. Humans are said to have originally come from here.
Europe The continent located north of Africa and to the west of Asia. Also part of the Eurasian continent.
Asia The continent located east of Europe. The largest continent on Earth.
Americas Both North and South America together.
Eurasian Something belonging to the landmass known as Europe and Asia.
encountered To have met someone or something, usually unexpected.
megafauna The large mammals of a particular place and time period.
extinct Something that was once alive but now no longer exists.
different Not the same when compared to something else.
Dreaming The name of the special and sacred stories of the first Australians. Sometimes called 'Dreamtime', though this word is now less appropriate.
special Something that is better, greater or different from what is usual.
sacred Something connected to religious or spiritual beliefs.
clan A close-knit group of interrelated families.
spirit ancestors The first supernatural beings from Aboriginal Dreaming stories who created the lands, peoples, animals and law.
Created by: Mr_M_Morrison