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Western Civ.

Hebrew Wisdom Literature

most Hebrew Lit was written during the ________ _________ by _________, _________, and their ________ United Monarchy, David, Solomon, scribes
The distinguishing mark of Hebrew Lit. is _________________ Parallelism
there is no ________ or ________, but s/t there is a _______ play Rhyhme, meter
The idea of the 2nd or following lines of a strophe somehow being parallel to the thoughts of the 1st line is _________________ parallelism
Parallelism brings ___________ to a passage such as in _________, the only place where a word is written __ times: the word is _______ emphasis, Isaiah, 3, Holy
______________ always uses identical thoughts Synonomous
_____________ is when the 2nd line contrasts w/ the 1st Antithetic
______________ is when the 2nd line completes the thought of the 1st line Synthetic
_________ is lines of a poem that proceed to a climax/repeats the first line more intensly Climatic
____________ is when the 2nd line forms a similie (comparison using like/as) of the 1st Comparative
____________ is a new and related thought intraduced in the 2nd line Progressive
________ _________ is poetry written to be sung: ________ Lyrical Poetry: Psalm
________ ________ is designed to teach and give instruction-easy to memorize/remember: ___________ and ______________ Didactic Poetry: Proverbs, Ecclesiasties
_________ _________ is poetry about prophesy: _________ ________ of ________ (ch. 40s and 50s) and in other lengthy __________ books Prophetic Poetry: servant Psalms of Isaih, prophetic
_______ _______ is meant to convey grief and mourning: ______________ expresses grief of destruction of ___________ Elegiac Poetry: Lamentations, Jerusalem
________ ________ is poetry that was is meant to be acted out (tells who is speaking): ___________________ and _____ Dramatic Poetry: Song of Solomon, Job
Poetry express the heartfelt _________ of the ____________ feelings, composers
most scripture is ______ feelings toward _____ God's, man
Poetry is _____ feelings toward ______ man's, God
Job was written during the _________ _________ probably by ___________ United Monarchy; Solomon
Job was a very ____________ character; _______ believed Job was real historical, James
Job lived in the land of ____-was east of _________ in a ___________ region Uz, Canaan, Desert
Job probably lived during the _______________ period patriarchal
whoever wrote the book was an incredibly talented ________- why ppl think it's solomon writer
Job was written to show the __________ of God- that God rules and controls _____________ Soveriegnty, Everything
it also displays the idea of ___________- how can God be merciful and compassionate and love but still bring destruction on the righteous?-_____ and no one is _____________ theodicy, sin, righteous
God is not the author of _____ sin
Job was one of the ____________ men in the world wealthiest
Job-____________-understands that he is _____________ for kids but not _____________ for sins fatherhood, responsible, accountable
Job offers sacrifices for kids b/c _________ they sinned and __________ God will forgive them maybe, maybe
God let's Satan try to _________ Job tempt
Satan knows Job won't fall for it b/c Job already has _____________ everything
God then gives Satan permission to take ______________ from Job-Satan has no chance w/o ________ everything, God
4 servants tell Job that he is ____________ and his family is _________ (except for wife) Bankrupt, dead
Job responds by _____________ God-he has a good view of God's _______________ worshiping, soveriegnty
Satan is the author of ______ evil
God gives Satan permission to do tormenting things to Job's _______ (but he cannot ______) body (kill)
Satan gives Job ________ boils
Job's wife says to just ______ God and _____-Job only has his _________ left curse, die, integrity
Job says they accept ________ so should accept _______ times good, hard
3 friends come visit Job-all say same thing-shows _________ of human _________ folly, wisdom
the friends _________ and ______ w/ Job and don't _______ for 1 week mourn, cry, talk
then they each tell Job that obviously he __________ and God is _____________ sinned, punishing
Job says he did ___________ wrong-some ________ begins to come out nothing, pride
Elihu is the 4th speaker and says that the first 3 guys are ________ wrong
he then tells Job that he did something _______ wrong
Job eventually says he is ____________ and did nothing __________ righteous, wrong
God asks Job where he (Job) was when God was ____________ the ________ building, earth
God is ___________ and controls ____________ sovereign, everything
God is ________ and ________ glory, power
Job says he is _________ and should not have ______ anything and deserves all ______________ and ________ sorry, said, punishment, more
God says Job needs to be __________ and let God work his ________ quiet, will
God then _________ what Job had restores
women of Job are given the _______________ inheritance
Job lives for ________ yrs. 140
Psalm 23, God prepares a __________ in the presence of the peoples' _________ feast, enemies
Psalm was beautifly written and most was meant to be _______ sung
Most of Psalm expresses love and devotion from _____ to ______ man, God
Other places are to be sung to _____ to ________ and __________ man, teach, instruct
There is a lot of _________ in Psalm which is also ____________ Contrast, Parallelism
Rigteous will ________, Wicked will __________ prosper, perish
Also contrasts _________ and ________ wealthy, poor
there are _____ Psalms and Psalm _____ is the longest chapter of Psalm 150, 119
_________ and _________ wrote 75% of Psalm David, Solomon
There were also many _______ authors minor
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