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Egypt Vocab 2

tomb A large vault used for burying the dead.
Rosetta Stone A small black stone containing the same message written in Egyptian hieroglyphics and in Greek which revealed the meaning of the hieroglyphics.
obelisk A tall slender, four-sided stone pillar shaped from a single stone erected to honor famous people.
pharoah Ancient Egyptian ruler. It means 'great house".
linen A fabric woven from fibers of the flax plant popular in ancient Egypt.
crook and flail Symbols reserved for the pharoah which stand for kingship and the fertility of the land.
scribe A person who writes books or documents by hand in hieroglyphics, cuneiform or other scripts and may help keep track of records.
scroll A long piece of paper that rolls around one or two cylinders and that usually has something written or drawn on it.
senet A board game from predynastic and ancient Egypt
kilt Egyptians wore tunic-like and robe-like garments made out of linen.
delta a fertile area (usually fan-shaped) near the mouth of a river where it flows into the sea
dynasty a series of rulers (over several generations) from a single family line
theocracy a type of government run by a religious leader
embalm the process of preserving a deceased person for the afterlife
archaeologist a person who studies artifacts from the past
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